Crucial stages of relationships that let your love breathe every moment

Posted on Aug,2012 , By Chris

Crucial stages of relationships that let your love breathe every moment

The very age is Teenager when people begin to feel some exciting changes within them. But to contrary, it is also said that to love there is no age limit defined. The only thing that matters on top is to let your relationship aspire and remain fresh every moment. When you enter into a relationship, hardly is there anything that you know about and therefore there are some common mistakes that you get messed up with. But for a change they can also be rectified or simply avoided! Almost everyone desires to have a partner with whom they can share some private moments.

Understanding is what is the main bone of every relation that comes along with different other aspects that play a very synchronizing role and make your love live forever. If you ever try to find time for you and think for a moment then you will definitely get an answer as to what must be done to improvise on your relationship or fix the glowing spark in your relationship. There are certain stages of relationships within which a perfect relationship is categorized which calls for Romance stage, Power struggle stage, stability stage, commitment stage and lastly co-creation stage. These can be suitable parameters to judge your relationship.

Different Stages of Relationship and their Needs

Romance is the most initial demand of any stage which satisfies your needs for both love and affection. It gives you a sense of belongingness. There are various mixed feelings that can easily be felt within this stage combining Fantasies, intimacies, possibilities and desires. Everything is very dramatic but very beautiful which can be seen in the redness of roses. Next is the situation when you actually satisfy each other by using some power and giving some freedom. This stage implies things on you which show that you are different from each other and knowingly you have to overcome the differences and generate understanding. This is a very critical stage in marriages where generally divorce occurs and at this time the opposites require some external counseling. Accepting things is not always bad, what all you need to practice is patience which will help you at every stage. You have to ignore things happened in past and accept the present. Then is the stability which you find in your relationship. Once you have understood each other’s world then you can easily manage things accordingly. The equation that is formed here counts in you and me. Stages of relationships make every one mature and wise with increasing time with your partner.

Commitment is the step when you are very much ready to come legally into one’s life. After understanding each other and sorting out every difference, you can very easily handle things on your own without really speaking a word. All you want is the opposite to enter your life and you start with a new beginning of everything. Finally the last is the Co-creation which includes the next generation that comes from you and you are no more walking with the equation of you and me but you move with us. Therefore, it is all about understanding what your relationship asks from you and things become very easy with different stages of relationships.