Make Your Man Crazy in Bed

Posted on Aug,2012 , By Shally

Make Your Man Crazy in Bed

When we talk about love making, most of the times its woman we talk. How should they be treated? Positions she enjoys? How to arouse her? And a lot more….However, there are specific things which guys would also love their partner to do which will make them feel great and of course excited in bed. Understanding your partner need is must to make your relationship smooth and strong. Though every man has his own specification but let us check out what most of the men crave for and how you can make me crazy.

  1. Sex Should Involve Fun

    Unlike women, men don’t consider sex a taboo. Instead they like to enjoy sex with their partner. Sometimes he may try a new position, which doesn’t work well with you. It may be too odd or you may simply face some mishap. Many times you or your partner may get hit. However, rather than ruining your partner’s mood, woman can laugh it out with her guy and let it go easy. You can also play some games which should be paid off in sexual favors to add fun.

  2. Woman Who Can Turn Herself On

    Most women consider that the guys should take the initiative for sex. They should make the first move. Guys do love taking that first step and start with foreplay to make his girl excited but then men also love girls who can turn herself on. Girls can also make sensuous move to make the session more exciting. If she finds it difficult you can try fantasying about the hottest moment of the past to give yourself a boost.

  3. Tell Him What Makes You Excited

    Guy always likes when you drop hints or simply tell him about the moves and acts which excite you. He will really like to know how you would like to be touched, held and kissed. Do give him hint how you want to proceed so that he feels you are also enjoying the session. However during the session, your instructions should not appear like an order but try to give erotic signals.

  4. He Wants You to Get Wild

    On many occasion guys would love to make an intense session. He would love to have a wild sex however; he would also like you to participate actively. Sometimes, the guy would like to be raw and approach you with an animal attitude. You need to understand and reciprocate the same with similar attitude. 

  5. He Wants To Try Variety of Acts

    Mostly guys like to try different acts and positions in one session. Sometimes he would like to be slow and at next moment he would like it to be harder. He would like to mix different styles to make the act more fun and pleasurable. Variety keeps him aroused and makes the session more memorable.

Other than these, men also love sexual surprises. You can be naughty with him in bed and also outside. Your man will enjoy watching you spicing up the sex life.